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Do you want to know one of the most important things you need to nail down so your Kindle book sells like hotcakes?

I'm not talking about your book cover or book title.

Of course, you need a great book cover. It's pretty obvious you need a great book title too.

But what happens when you get your book in front of hungry buyers and your book description or blurb sucks?

You got it…

“Click, Click… Goodbye!”

All of your hard work to get your book in front of potential buyers has just been wasted. Talk about frustrating!

Hi, it's Sam England and believe me when I say that I know how frustrating it can be when you see your Kindle marketing efforts deliver little or no sales.

But here's the problem about book blurbs. When it comes to teaching people how to write a great one, most Kindle products barely cover it. Some of them don't even mention book blurbs at all!

Now let me ask you something…

What if there was a way you could eliminate any guessing or painful trial and error from happening?

What if there was a way you can virtually guarantee your book description does what it's supposed to do — turn curious prospects into eager buyers?

You see, you could have written the greatest book in the world but if your blurb doesn't convince people to buy, then they'll never know how great your book may be.


But Here's The Good News:
It Doesn't Have To Be That Way Anymore!

You see, I was talking recently with my good friend Mike Humphreys. Mike is pretty well known as a world-class copywriter who's produced millions of new sales for his clients. But what not many people know is that he's also a pretty serious Kindle marketer too.

We were talking about what's working best in Kindle marketing these days when Mike casually mentioned he'd come up with a system to write killer book blurbs.

I decided to be polite, and told Mike that was nice. But that's when Mike really dropped a bombshell on me.

He told me using his method, he's created jaw-dropping really good blurbs for genres that he doesn't even read or write — in less than 15 minutes!

I wasn't sure if Mike was pulling my leg so I asked him to prove it and he did. He took two different genres that he's never written a single word for and cranked out a great book blurb in less than 15 minutes for each one… and he recorded it on video.

At that point, I knew I was hooked.

I just had to know how Mike did it.

It took some convincing but he agreed to record his entire step-by-step method on video…


Announcing “Rocking Book Blurbs”…

… Our easy to use, step-by-step program for creating
GREAT book blurbs in less than fifteen minutes!

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We've designed “Rocking Book Blurbs” to be straight to the point. There's no fat or filler… just 100% pure content that you can quickly put into action.

In fact, in less than one hour you'll discover…

How to quickly create 100% original blurbs in any genre…

How to quickly identify what book descriptions are crushing it on Kindle…

The three keys for maximum profit on Kindle (and paid advertising isn't one of them)…

How to “borrow” credibility and add it to your book…

And much more!

“Rocking Book Blurbs” has been designed to be easy to follow and even easier to put in action.

All takes is three steps…

Step 1: Go through the “Rocking Book Blurbs” training…

Step 2: Find a comfortable chair, sit down, and write your own book blurb…

Step 3: Add your new book blurb to your Kindle book and watch your sales skyrocket!


How Much Could You Pay
For a SINGLE Great Book Blurb?

I was curious so I did a quick Google search on what it would cost to hire someone to write a single great book blurb.

I was shocked and amazed when I saw rates started at $50 and quickly went up from there. Several blurb writers were quoting as high as $300!

But when I sat back and thought about it, I realized why.


A Well-Written Book Blurb Can Really
Ramp Up Your Book Sales!

Professional blurb writers know most authors don't know how to write them so they charge a premium for their professional help.

Think best-selling authors like James Patterson, Stephen King, or J.K. Rowling sit down and write their own blurbs?

No freaking way!

It's too important.

That's why their publishers have dedicated staff who write the book blurbs for all of their books. It helps make their books continue to dominate the best seller lists.

But you don't have to spend $300 to get access to this type of specialized training. You don't have to spend $50, or even $20 for that matter.

In fact all takes a single one time investment that you see below and you lock-in lifetime access to the rocking book blurbs program.

All it takes is just a few extra sales of your book and you will have quickly recouped your investment.

Use this method for creating great book blurbs for one book… three books… heck, all of your books.

If you're a marketing consultant or copywriter, you can use this program to add a very valuable skill to your professional arsenal that you could offer as a paid service to your clients.

The possibilities are endless.

And all it takes is taking the next step and grabbing your copy of the “Rocking Book Blurbs” program.

But I don't want you to worry or fret so I'm going to take all the risk offer your shoulders and put it on ours instead. You see, you're completely protected by…


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We are so confident that you will be happy with your purchase that you get our 100% Money back Guarantee. If you don't like it or you plain think it stinks - we will send you your money back in full and without delay.

If it is not absolutely everything we claim it to be...send us an immediate email and we will give you a prompt, no-hassle, no-questions asked 100% refund.

There are no catches to this offer.

There is no fine print. Simply order Rocking Book Blurbs, use it for 30 days and if you aren't utterly blown away by it just return it for a No questions asked. No Hassles Refund.

We know Rocking Book Blurbs is everything we say and more. But of course you don't know that yet, and why should you believe us?

So, just to erase any doubts you may still have, we offer our personal unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

If you want to return it for any reason -- Do It! We will send you a complete refund immediately - no quibbles, no hard feelings!



Rubber… Meet The Road

Right now you're at a cross-road with only two real paths to choose from.

One option is to try and figure out how to write great book blurbs on your own. It's not a choice I'd recommend because there's a huge margin for error.

Blindly slapping together a book description could cost you hundreds — maybe even thousands — of book sales every month… for every book you publish!

Worse, you wind up having to burn even more of your precious time trying to figure out how to fix the sales-killing mistake… and that's time you'll never get back.


Then There's The Better Path!

A path that takes you in the same direction as other highly successful authors have traveled and that's using the methods contained in “Rocking Book Blurbs” to create your own killer book blurbs.

Because let's be honest: There's only one choice that offers you the best chance of making you more money with Kindle publishing — perhaps even your own massive paydays — and that's tapping into the power of “Rocking Book Blurbs”.

It's the choice that cuts your chances of making a critical (and expensive) mistake with your book descriptions to practically zero.

I wish I could make the decision for you but I can't. But if I were, I'd go with the option that offers me the best chances of success and that's grabbing my own copy of “Rocking Book Blurbs”.

And let's face it: If you've read this far, then you probably don't want to rely on pure dumb luck to reach success.

You want to take the next step towards enjoying your own big money paydays and you can do exactly that with “Rocking Book Blurbs”.


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P.S. You don't have to spend $50-$300 to get a great book blurb. All you have to do is use the methods explained in the “Rocking Book Blurbs” program and you can create your own blurb in mere minutes instead.

P.P.S. Think the “Rocking Book Blurbs” program is some type of fill-in-the-blanks forms or method that breaks some type of copyright laws? Not a chance. You can rest easy that using our program will help you create your own 100% original blurbs every time.

P.P.P.S. Not sure if “Rocking Book Blurbs” is right for you? I understand completely. That's why you're 100% protected by a 30 day no-hassle money back guarantee. So don't wait another minute… grab your copy of “Rocking Book Blurbs” right now.


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